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Sharing Books

What did you read that was good this week?

What did you read that I’d like?

Did you read the one about the dragons, the slayers,

The kids that got away on a kite?


Man, that sounds great, that sounds fresh and fun!

Can I borrow it from you when you’re through?

Sure bud, you know I always love to share…

Can I get that cool wizard book from you?




Sharing books engages, encourages, inspires;

It helps students to stretch, it also empowers.

Giving kids time to share what they have read

Connects them to each other, gets books in their heads.


Create a community, learn about cultures,

Expose a lot of genres; reading makes their hearts stir.

Get creative!  Make this the focus of the year!

Make posters, graffiti walls… show them you’re sincere!


And tell them what you’re reading, ask about their books,

Give them recommendations; help them get hooked!

Create an awesome library, make a fun book club.

Make sharing a priority; it makes reading more fun!

I am currently taking a Children’s Literature class through the University of Phoenix and we were asked to write a poem about the importance of students sharing books and then to post it to a blog ~


An outlet for opinions
Making others aware
A purpose for reading
Cultures to share

Rewarding the process
Staying hooked on the task
Creating excitement and wonder
Experiencing the past

Creating community
Hearing from peers
Rewarding accomplishments
Connections through the years

Ownership of reading
Feelings of pride
Exposure to genres
Excitement to ride

Books can take children
Where they’ve never been
Sharing with others
Brings others in

No sense of failure
Options abound
Once you get on board
There’s no slowing down

  • Nathan - 🙂

We had a great time celebrating Claire’s birthday with her friends at the Enchanted Village! 🙂

I’ve finally edited and uploaded pictures from the last trip we took this summer to Onekama, MI (my parents’ Lake House).  We had a great time with my parents and our friends the Wallace/Banfield family.  Here are a “few” of the pictures from our time there.